Behold Now behemoth was first offered in 2007 as a strong-selling standard-definition DVD with great reviews. Then as online pay-per-view. Now, purely as a ministry, we offer it for free and ask you only for donations on the honor system if you like it and find it helpful. Give whatever you wish. If the picture seems a little "soft", remember this was from 2007 and we have uploaded it as a low-resolution file so people with even modest bandwidths in rural areas and other countries  can enjoy it. We will probably upload a higher resolution  version, soon. 

Use the PayPal button if you wish to donate before or after enjoying Behold Now Behemoth, and be sure your kids see it! (You can download a free question and answer test for your kids, for free, below, so that they learn from the experience!) 

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Special for Homeschool Mothers!

Download a free 12-question test and the extended answers, Below

 A perfect way to make Behold Now Behemoth work entertainment wonders into your children's lesson plan!   Any computer with "Wordpad" - most PC's come with it already installed - can print out this test and answers!

Volume 1, Last of the Leviathans

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